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Single-Table Tournament Rules

  1. Single-Table Tournaments begin soon after all seats at the table are filled.
  2. Once a tournament has begun, players cannot change their seats.
  3. If a player leaves a Single-Table Tournament table before the tournament begins, the tournament buy-in will be refunded. Refunds will not be issued to players who leave the table after the tournament begins.
  4. In the unlikely event that a Single-Table Tournament is cancelled by Everest Poker due to technical, operational or any other reason, players who were eliminated before the cancellation will not receive a refund of their buy-in. Everest Poker will distribute the prize pool to some or all of the remaining players at its sole discretion. If the cancellation occurs before the tournament begins, all players will have their buy-ins refunded.
  5. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all players begin with an equal number of chips and the blinds and antes are raised at regular intervals.
  6. Single-Table Tournaments are played through completion without breaks. In Multi-Table Tournaments, the tournament tables will have a five (5) minute break after each hour of play.
  7. At the beginning of a tournament, each player is randomly dealt one card from the thirteen cards of one suit (for example, clubs ♣). The player who receives the highest card is assigned the dealer button.
  8. Single-Table Tournaments are played until one player has all of the chips.
  9. Each player has thirty (30) seconds to act when it is their turn to do so. If the player has an active Internet connection but does not act within the time allotted, their cards will be folded.
  10. If a player loses their Internet connection or otherwise disconnect from the server, their blinds and antes will be posted and their cards folded until the are able to reconnect and rejoin their tournament.
  11. Players who sit out or are disconnected from our single-table cash freeroll tournaments (Shasta tables) for an extended period of time will be removed.
  12. Everest Poker's Disconnect Bet Protection Policy applies to tournaments.
  13. In tournament play, Everest Poker observes a policy of no missed blinds in order to make sure that every player posts the big blind when it is their turn to do so. As a result, there are instances in which a player will retain the dealer button for more than one hand. There may also be hands in which a big blind is posted without a small blind, if the player in the position to receive the small blind was eliminated from the tournament in the previous hand.
  14. For limit tournaments, each round of betting in a tournament is limited to the initial bet plus three (3) raises. This limit is removed if there are only two (2) players left in the hand. There are no bet limits in no limit and pot limit tournaments.
  15. In the case of a split pot that is not equally divisible by the number of winning players, the player closest to the left of the dealer button will receive the remaindered chips.
  16. If more than one player gets eliminated in a single hand, the player who started that hand with more chips will be awarded the higher finishing place. If the eliminated players started with the same amount of chips, the higher finishing place is awarded to the player who joined the tournament first.
  17. When only two players remain in a tournament, the player who is next to receive the big blind will do so, and the second player will inherit the small blind and the dealer button.
  18. Everest Poker does not encourage, sanction, facililate, or enforce any deals or partnerships made among players. Players who engage in deal making do so at their own risk. Everest Poker neither permits deal making in the player chat at the table nor enforces any deals made between players.
  19. Players are prohibited from discussing their cards, their opponents' cards as well as the playing of the hand until that hand has been completed.
  20. Players who engage in unethical behavior such as soft playing or chip dumping risk disqualification from the tournament as well as the termination of their player accounts.
  21. Player agree to adhere to the conditions of play outlined in our Terms of Agreement.
  22. In case of disputes, all decisions made by Everest Poker are final.
  23. At our sole discretion, Everest Poker reserves the right to modify these rules at any time.

Entry Fees and Payouts for Single-Table Tournaments

Everest Poker does not take a rake on tournament play. Tournaments will carry an entry fee based on the Buy-In amount and number of seats according to the following tables:

$0 + $0 $.10 $0
$.04 + $.01 $.04 $.01
$.10 + $.01 $.10 $.01
$.25 + $.02 $.25 $.02
$1.00 + $.10 $1.00 $.10
$2.50 + $.25 $2.50 $.25
$5.00 + $.50 $5.00 $.50
$10.00 + $1.00 $10.00 $1.00
$20.00 + $2.00 $20.00 $2.00
$50.00 + $5.00 $50.00 $5.00
$100.00 + $10.00 $100.00 $10.00
$.50 + $.05 $.50 $.05
$1.00 + $.10 $1.00 $.10
$2.50 + $.25 $2.50 $.25
$3.00 + $.30 $3.00 $.30
$5.00 + $.25 $5.00 $.25
$10.00 + $.50 $10.00 $.50
$20.00 + $1.00 $20.00 $1.00
$50.00 + $2.50 $50.00 $2.50
$100.00 + $5.00 $100.00 $5.00

Unless noted otherwise in a particular Tournament's rules, Tournaments will be paid out according to the following tables:


10 Seat Table Tournament Payout
1st Place 50% of the prize pool
2nd Place 30% of the prize pool
3rd Place 20% of the prize pool
6 Seat Table Tournament Payout
1st Place 70% of the prize pool
2nd Place 30% of the prize pool


2 Seat Table Tournament Payout
1st Place Winner takes all



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