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Summit point - Bonus Terms

Summit Points Program

Everest Poker is proud to have the most generous player points program in the industry. We truly value all of our players and reward them with Summit Points.

We reward every player at the table with 1 Summit Point for every $1 we collect in rake, including fractional points. That means you can earn up to 3 Summit Points per hand! Most other sites limit you to only one point per hand; some don't even give you points unless you bet.

As if that wasn't enough, the first two players at the table earn double Summit Points for their entire session at the table!

Tournament players win, too! You earn 8 Summit Points for every $1 in tournament entry fees, both single- and multi-table, with no limit on how many Summit Points you can earn per tournament.

Once you have 'em, what can you do with 'em? Redeem Summit Points for entries into real money tournaments, cash them in for great Everest Poker merchandise and play at our "Points for Points" tables and tournaments.

We're always coming up with new ways for our players to earn, win and redeem Summit Points. Make sure you don't miss out on any special bonuses keep an eye out for our emails and promotions!

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Terms & Conditions for Summit Points

Your entitlement to the benefits and privileges of the Summit Points Program are subject to the following:

  1. You are a registered Everest Poker player in good standing.


  2. Players earn up to 3 Summit Points per raked, real money, ring game hand at a rate of 1 Summit Point per $1 collected in rake, including fractional points. (For example, $0.50 rake will award 0.50 Summit Points; $1.75 rake will award 1.75 Summit Points.)


  3. You must receive hole cards in order to be eligible to receive Summit Points for the hand. Players who are "sitting out" do not receive Summit Points.


  4. No Summit Points are awarded for hands which are not raked.


  5. The first and second players seated at a real money ring game table earn double Summit Points, or up to 6 Summit Points per hand, for the duration of their session at the table. Once a player has stood up from a table, he may no longer be eligible for double Summit Points.


  6. Double Summit Points are not applicable at 2-seat, or heads-up, tables.


  7. Real money tournament players receive 8 Summit Points per $1 paid in entry fee with no limit on the number of Summit Points earned per tournament. Fractional Points are rewarded for entry fees less than $1.00.


  8. Summit Points are not earned through participation in freeroll tournaments.


  9. Summit Points credited to your account for free play or won in Summit Points tables or tournaments are not counted toward bonuses. See our Terms & Conditions for Bonuses and Promotions for more information.


  10. Players do not receive Summit Points through participation in tournaments in which they buy-in using Summit Points or for ring game play at tables which use Summit Points as the betting currency.


  11. Summit Points expire when a player account is inactive for a period of 12 months. An "active" account is one with which a player plays at least one ring game hand or participates in at least one tournament.

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