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Choosing a Texas Holdem Poker Table

After using the online Texas Holdem Poker Training Room to get acquainted with game controls and flow of play, your next step is to choose a Poker table.

The Lobby window is arranged to help you easily find a holdem-poker table and take a seat, so let's start there. Here are the steps in brief:

  • Choose Real Money Poker or Play for Free Poker
  • Choose your holdem poker Game
  • Choose a Limit Type (Limit, Pot Limit, No Limit)
  • Choose Stakes (pennies to dollars)
  • Choose Table Size (2, 6 or 10 players)
  • Optional: Check Table Details (blinds, minimum balance, etc.)
  • Go to Selected Poker Table
Free Play Poker or Real Money Poker? The first decision is style of play. Free Play uses "fun chips" that have no monetary value - they're just a way of keeping score while you play Texas holdem poker with us. Real Money Play is just that - you will be using chips that have monetary value. To play holdem poker for Real Money you must make a deposit to fund your account (click Cashier in the Lobby control panel to make a deposit). The Free Play and Real Money selection buttons are in the Find a Table window:

These buttons determine the type of holdem poker tables shown in the Find a Table list. For example, when Real Money Poker is selected, all tables listed will be Real Money Poker tables. To help differentiate play style, Real Money Poker tables are green, Free Play Poker tables are red and Training tables are blue.

Choose Your Game. Next you will select the type of holdem poker game you want to play. The game tabs at the top of the Find a Table section determine the type of tables shown. For example, when Hold'em is selected, all of the tables listed will play Texas Holdem poker.

At this point, you have a choice between two approaches for getting to an online holdem poker table. The traditional approach is to search through our List of Available Poker Tables to find one that suits your needs and has an open seat. The alternative is to use Everest Poker's exclusive Find a Seat wizard to quickly define the poker table you want and then have our system do the searching for you. When we find a seat that matches what you want, we immediately reserve it in your name so you can sit down and start playing online Texas holdem poker without worrying that another player might take the seat before you get to the table.

Download our free Holdem Poker software to get started today. Itís used by millions of online holdem poker players around the world and is guaranteed spyware-free and dialer-free.

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