Pokermania Everest: Tips and Tricks

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Tips & Tricks about Pokermania Everest

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get more enjoyment from the game:

  • Your Hand Rank. Hover your mouse/cursor over your pocket cards to see the best rank of your hand at any given point in the deal.
  • Player Profiles. Hover your mouse/cursor over the player avatars to see their profile - where they are from, their ages, their language, etc.
  • Previous Hand. View the results of the previous hand (who won, how much, what cards, etc.) in the upper right corner of the game window. Use the drop-down to select the Detail view to see how the hand played out.
  • Statistics. View your game statistics for play at this table by clicking in the Previous Hand box. Clicking anywhere in the box will toggle between Previous Hand and Statistics.
  • Button Tips. Most buttons and controls have tips to explain their function. Simply hover your mouse/cursor over them for a second or two and the tip will appear.
  • Chat. You can chat with other players by typing short messages in the box at the lower right corner of the game window. Please be courteous and do not enter too many chat messages or messages that are too long.
  • Chat Options. Change the functionality of the chat window by clicking on the control tab at the top of the Chat window.
  • Multilingual Chat. To say "Nice Hand" or "Thank You" to other players in their own language, simply use the following keyboard function keys. The message will automatically appear in the chat windows of other players in each player's own language:
      Key   Expression   Key   Expression
      F1   Nice hand!   F7   Nice Pot!
      F2   Thank you   F8   Hello everyone
      F3   You're welcome   F9   Hello
      F4   Good bet   F10   Pleased to meet you
      F5   Bad break   F11   Goodbye
      F6   Well played   F12   Good Luck!

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