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Pokermania Everest: Joining the Game

Take A Seat


To start playing online holdem poker, click on any open seat. That seat will be reserved for you while you decide how many chips to bring to the table.


Bring chips to the table.

A box will appear showing the minimum and maximum buy-in for the selected holdem poker table. Each option has a self-help description - just hover your mouse over any button for a few seconds to see it pop up. Choose how many chips you want to bring to the table and click OK.

The box will close and you will be seated in the chair you selected. The table view will rotate so your chair will be in the foreground.

Wait to be dealt in.

When you are seated at the table with at least the minimum amount of chips, you may have to wait a minute or two for a holdem poker hand in progress to complete or you may have to wait for the Big Blind to come around to your seat position before you can participate in a new hand of holdem poker play.

Depending on when you attempt to join a holdem poker game in progress, you may be permitted to post an early blind bet (that is, to make a bet before it is your turn to post the Big or Small Blind) in order to join the game without waiting for the Blinds to come around to your seat position.

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